“Rambo 5” is Shaping up to be a Real 80’s Movie


When I heard that Rambo V was coming out I just sort of sighed and made a mental not to make sure to Netflix it. Then last night I was chatting about the movie and decided to check out the summary.

In the near future, illegal medical experiments in the Pacific Northwest have created this nearly indestructible creature of incredible cunning and savagery. It goes on a rampage through the ranks of the research stations. To cover their blunder, the government sends out an elite team of special-operations warriors. The gang is led by John Rambo, a Vietnam War veteran born out of time and the best tracker in the world. Meanwhile, U.S. marshals are on the trail of the secret and the cover-up, intervening in the action in an unexpected way.

What the what! Medical experiments, indestructible creatures! This sounds so silly it is awesome, like a proper 80s action film should be. If this is accurate, I will be seeing this in the theater.


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