SNES UK TV Commercial

The Super Nintendo I think is the best retro console out there! the best Christmas ever was the Christmas I got given my SNES I saw this advert on 4 times a day everyday leading up to Christmas, I was dropping hints left right and centre. “but mom it has 16 bits” “but mom its the new Nintendo” “but mom it has 32,000 colours” but mom it has Mario All stars that’s 4 games in one” but mom but mom but mom!! To me it didn’t look like she was going to budge on it at all and I was all set for a disappointing holiday period, how wrong I was.

What is your all time favorite retro console? Come join us on the forum to plead your case.


Peachy is knee deep in old consoles and has approximately 450 items on his amazon wish-list. Questions?

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