Kids Incorporated

If there’s one thing my sister and I could agree on, it was Kids Incorporated, seen in local syndication, Saturday mornings, and on the Disney Channel throughout the mid-‘80s to early ‘90s. (Produced by Hal Roach Studios, who gave us The Little Rascals,, the Kids Incorporated of the Great Depression.) Here’s the plot of every episode ever: the Palace Theater (which looks like a skating rink’s snack bar) where the kids perform is going to close down. So the Kids hold a benefit to save it (despite the fact that it is a commercial business and a “benefit” is just “higher admission price” night). They sing hot songs of the day, the Palace is saved, the end.

Little known fact: Kids Incorporated was not, technically, a corporation. It was legally registered as a limited liability corporation, or LLC.

Brian Boone

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