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I often wonder if I were to start this very same club nowadays, how many people would join? The DVDs seem to sell really well, but are people willing to shell out a few bucks for exclusive E.T. merchandise 25 years later? Now I know I would, but I live up here in this retro tower. Would you pay $6 for the privilege of an E.T. Fan Club membership?

ET Fan Club


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9 thoughts on “Join the E.T. Fan Club

  1. Brian Boone says:

    Quite the opposite for me. Back then, no, because I found E.T. absolutely terrifying. Now, yes, because E.T. is awesome and the bike-launch scene is maybe the greatest movie scene ever.

  2. patrick says:

    i have lots of ET collectables????? my prize posssesion a life size 4 ft tall toy/clothes hamper (plastic) I would like to sell the entire collection to someone who will appreciate. Please help me locate a place I can find what it is all worth. Photos available upon request.
    Thank you, Patrick

  3. Patrick – I would love to post some of your photos here if you would like to send them. Maybe it could help find a home for your stuff.

  4. Tiffany says:

    I LOVE ET! I’d probably join a fan club. I’d have to buy a bag of Reese’s Pieces to go with a new poster, though ;)
    I’m interested to know what cast members are up to now.. maybe that could be another benefit of a fan club? Obviously Drew Barrymore is a pretty prominent person, but the rest of the cast is less well known. I just read Dee Wallace (Elliot’s mom)’s book Bright Light, which I think she wrote pretty recently. It’s about spirituality in her life. I’d like to know more about the rest of the cast, though!

  5. Chris Kennedy says:

    I joined the Uk fan club, i still have all of the bits mentioned in the advert, unused and unplayed with, still in its folder!!!

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