Star Trek the Motion Picture Klingon Action Figure

mego klingon

This guy who live up the block from me had a huge Star Trek collection. Amongst his treasures was a full set of ST action figures from Medo. I was always very fond of the Klingons and he had 8 of them. I wonder if he still has his collection or did it wind up in the trashcan along with so many of our childhood memories. Sad. Oh well.

You can reclaim a piece of your childhood history with this fully intact blister card of a Klingon from Star Trek the Motion Picture.

According to the seller:

6×9 blister card contains 3.45″ action figure. By Mego in conjuction with the 1979 film. This is from the scarce second series of alien figures.From the Italian market issue. Card has 3″ crease in upper left-hand corner but blister remains firmly intact. VF/Exc. with Mint figure. From the Tomart Archives.

Star Trek the Motion Picture Klingon Action Figure @ Hakes


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