100 Dolls for $1

This image is like something out of my nightmares. 100 tiny cheap dolls marching out of Newark, NJ to strike off-putting poses in every nook of my poorly lit childhood bedroom. That clown on the right kind of looks like Bobby Hill from King of the Hill.



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One thought on “100 Dolls for $1

  1. delana qeseth says:

    Ooh! When I was small, my Sunday School room had a box of these. I was obsessed with them. Miraculously, I never swallowed one, so I also never had the pelasure of passing one in stool. I bought a box on Ebay for $20.00 a few years ago. Original box and everything. I like to get them out about once a year, line them up, and just stare at them.

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