Amstrad 464 CPC

We all remember the 8bit era the NES the dreaded but much loved (phew save) Master System but do you remember the 8bit computing era?

Amstrad 464 CPC

I loved the Amstrad 464 CPC and I fully expected myself to be a programming genius! The day I got my own I sat at it solidly for 3 months practically, typing in unintelligible code line after unintelligible code line, not to make the ultimate dream game I had envisioned but a badly made calculator programme that decided that 2+2= 64,000. At that point I realised that I wasn’t a coder or hacker in any shape or form So I put a game into the tape reader and heard my first loading noise. To this day whenever I hear the noise it brings a smile to my face (if you have no idea what this sound is then ring a fax machine, you wont like it but it makes me happy. After that fiasco I turned my attention to the C64 and that amazing SID chip but more on that next time.

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