Great Video Game Music: Batman for the Gameboy

Over the next few weeks I will be scouring the retro gaming scene for the best video game music.

I have been playing batman on the Game Boy for nearly 20 years and I think the reason I go back to it time and time again is the excellent soundtrack. released back 1990 by Sunsoft it is a great side scroller and as you can hear right now the music is amazing and this is just level one! the intro is ear melting and a great indication of whats to come. Sunsoft I’m sure will feature in this round up again as most of their games have great music, till next time sit back, enjoy the 8-bit magic and come onto the forums to tell me your favorite retro game music. Who knows, maybe they will feature next time on great video game music? I cant have played every game now can I? Can I? Some games are so terrible that I don’t even give the soundtrack a chance!


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