Pryor’s Place

You may not realize this, but for a brief moment in the 1984/1985 television season, Richard Pryor had a kid’s show on CBS. The show, which starred Pryor in many roles, was populated with a cast of Krofft Puppets (Sid and Marty produced the show) who hung around in a friendly inner city environment. The show kind of resembled Sesame Street, but was more edgier, dealing with topics that Sesame Street would not touch with a 10 foot pole at the time. The show ran late on Saturday mornings (at 11:30 AM E/T) from September 15 to December 8, 1984, with repeats airing until June 15, 1985.

pryors place

The show had a memorable theme song that was performed by Ray Parker Jr. Ray also appears in the show’s opening credits.


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