Celebrate Dreamcast’s Birthday by Pre-ordering a Newly Released DC Game


The Dreamcast is/was was an amazing system and even its discontinuation will not stop it. That’s right, just in time for the 10th Anniversary of the system, redspotgames is releasing a brand new Dreamcast game for you to buy. The game is called Rush Rush Rally Racing and it is 2D top-down arcade style racing game that has been developed specifically for the Dreamcast (I cannot believe I just got to write that sentence). How will the gameplay look? Well check it out for yourself:

Heres redspotgame’s pitch and tech info- Rush Rush Rally Racing is an old school 2D racing game for SEGA Dreamcast. No sponsored cars, no realistic environments – just plain old fun!


* Single-player grand prix mode with four difficulty levels
* Three multi-player modes to enjoy with up to four players
* Five race cars to choose from
* 10 Grand Prix race tracks
* 9 additional multi-player race tracks
* Awesome soundtrack by Black Device
* Autosave to VMU (any port, file uses just 2 blocks)
* Region free
* Rumble pack support
* Compatible with original Dreamcast pads, arcade stick, and third party controllers
* Supports PAL (50/60 Hz), NTSC and VGA displays
* Configurable controls and many other options
* Animated cut scenes
* Plus even more unlockable content!
* New: Online Highscore!

This game is region-free:
Runs on every PAL, NTSC-US and NTSC-J Dreamcast.

This is a CD-ROM based product and might not be compatible with some NTSC-J Dreamcast™ consoles built after October 2000. Please check the manufacture date on the back of your console before. This software is not officially licensed, designed, manufactured, distributed or endorsed by Sega.

Rush Rush Rally Racing will be available in October, so order your copy today.


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