A Headshot of MTV VJ Adam Curry

Your locker can thank me later.

Adam Curry

Brian Boone

From the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Northwest, I contribute to the Retroist, write for trivia publications, and blog about music in a humorous fashion. I feel about "Back to the Future" the way you feel about "Star Wars." Also, I'm married and have a child (sorry ladies, orphans).

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4 thoughts on “A Headshot of MTV VJ Adam Curry

  1. When I was a kid obsessed with MTV, I used to think Adam was the coolest VJ. He always showed that he was way into the music and not just working for MTV because he wanted to break into other avenues of entertainment like many of the other “personalities” (I use the term loosely) that have came and went from the channel. I still count Curry’s years there as some of the best years MTV ever had. I can’t even watch MTV now. Even their awards shows are terrible. Am I just getting too old for it?

  2. Charlie says:

    memories. I can’t say I liked Adam Curry all that much as a VJ but he did say what would end up becoming my senior quote in my yearbook. “He who laughs last probably didn’t get the joke.” Thanks Adam.

  3. Rick Coffey says:

    I’ve been looking for a poster of the first VJ or person on MTV. I know his name is Mecah, but not sure of the spelling. He looked a lot like Adam Curry. Mecah’s hair was blonde and long like Adam’s. I also know his real name is not Mecah. I first saw him on MTV in or around 1978. Everyone I went to high school with remembers him but I can’t find anything about him.

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