Ub Iwerk’s Flip the Frog in “Fiddlesticks”

In the early 1930s the legendary animator Ub Iwerks left Disney to work on his own animated characters, namely “Flip the Frog”. Flip, appeared in over 3 dozen shorts and was distributed through Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer from 1930 to 1933. Eventually Ub would go back to work for Disney, and Flip would fade into history. Which is a shame because Ub brought the same gifts he displayed working on Mickey Mouse at Disney to Flip. Here is Flip in in his premiere short, the 1930 classic “Fiddlesticks”. This was the first sound 2 color cartoon ever made and was done using two color technicolor. All of Flips future adventures except for the 1933 Techno-Cracked would be in black and white and by 1933 Flip would be almost unrecognizable from his original style (The studios wanted him to be less frog-like and more human looking).


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