Forgotten Fad: Popcorn Stores (1982-1985)

Around 1982, all these “gourmet” popcorn stores started opening up in malls around America. Butter and caramel no longer cut it – you had to have watermelon and pina colada-flavored popcorn if you were anyone. (The ‘80s were a heady time.) There were three main, completely identical chains. The only difference was the vicinity to the arcade: Corn Poppers, Popcorn Paradise (which is still around), and Jack’s Corn Cribs, which was owned by Odd Couple star Jack Klugman, who’d gotten hooked on popcorn in 1980 as a low-fat snack. Accordingly, Corn Cribs’ corns were low in salt, sugar, and sales.

Note: this fad is so forgotten, that I couldn’t even find any images, videos, or media to accompany this article.

Brian Boone

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