Tron’s Space Paranoids Arcade Now a Reality

OMG! Someone please pinch me, I have to be dreaming. Behold a thing of beauty, Space Paranoids. This version of the game was created specifically for the new Tron movie. Cannot wait to see it.

Tron’s Space Paranoids [@] Gizmodo

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7 thoughts on “Tron’s Space Paranoids Arcade Now a Reality

  1. 1 O.M.G does not stress the whole OMG that I have about this game. think I had a few more OMG’s in there? LOL.
    I want this game in my apartment along with any other Tron arcade game out there.

  2. NeonJedi says:

    So… I totally played Space Paranoids tonight at ElecTRONica, the California Adventure ode to the new TRON Movie. The dance party was AWESOME, the Sirens were HOT, and Flynn’s Arcade was AMAZING, complete with fale backed wall in the back of the arcade!

    And yes, Space Paranoids was a LOT of fun. I even had a crowd watching me take on Recognizers and Light Tanks!


  3. NeonJedi, did you get any photos of the greatness by chance? I so want to see what they are pulling off for it. :)

    I’ve also heard there are special tokens for the Flynn’s Arcade…can you confirm or deny this? Because if its true then I need to find a way to get my hands on some of them. Ha, ha.

  4. Griffinclaw says:

    Yep, just went there tonight. The tokens have “Flynn’s Arcade” on one side, and “ElecTRONica” on the back. I got four of em, lol.

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