Buck Rogers – Countdown to Doomsday on Sega Megadrive/Genesis

Before I did this review I had never played this game. I found it in the bottom of a box full of NES games I got from a thrift sale and when I saw it I was all “Yes! Score!” (Looking back I laugh at my Naivety). I always used to get up on a Sunday early just so I could watch Buck Rogers. I love Buck, the amazing spaceships, star bases and the whole gang, so when I found this game a week ago I was imagining in my head how awesome this game must be… Right? I’m sure right now you are picturing maybe a side scrolling shooter action game with you as buck saving the universe or maybe even controlling a ship flying though the black void, destroying enemy crafts? That’s got to be it… Right? WRONG! This game is an early RPG. Now this game came out in 1990 the same year as Final Fantasy 3 and Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei 2 (Japanese import) so its not like RPG’s weren’t very good at this point, far from it, speaking of being far from being very good we are back to countdown to doomsday.

buck rogers 2

As you can see the graphics are terrible even for an old machine such as the Mega Drive/Genesis. That small square in the left hand corner is your playing space, even on my 52” TV it was barely big enough to see! There are other levels thrown in (space station, spaceship view) but I am not playing through this game again so I can take screen shots of it I’m sorry don’t make me ever play this again. One of the main reasons I will not put this in the Sega again is the awful sound it makes and when I say awful its only because a word has not been invented for how incredibly bad the sound is. It doesn’t even have the Buck Rogers music!!?? I would rather listen to The Mr Rogers theme on loop for 7 years straight than hear that for another second! The gameplay is no picnic either. You take turns when fighting (like any RPG) but if you don’t pay 100% attention 100% of the time to every move you make then you will die. The first fight, you get into (about 10 seconds of gameplay in) took me 4 attempts… FOUR!?… It’s the first fight! This game does not mess around you either play hardcore or go to bed, oh and when you die, that’s it, if you remembered to save then you can go back but otherwise that’s it D. E. A. D. dead!

You do get to customize your character, change its appearance and train in different skills somewhat, which is a nice touch and I think the only pro about this game the rest are cons including EA arts conning you to buy this game, not to mention the store clerk conning you with his big smile as you walked off after spending that months allowance on something you thought was going to be better than the show it self.

Now I understand why all those NES games were so cheap. It was a small price for the guy to pay in order to get rid of this horribleness!
Your probably wondering why in fact I reviewed this game seeing as its so terrible and I hate it so much but I want to save you the same fate as me, beacause I like ya (don’t dwell on that too much) and plus When I got it I had already decided that I should review it and here we are today wasting everybody’s time!

Well I’m off to play some battletoads now to try and get the taste of poopoo game out of my mouth. Get ready for the podcast that will be coming out on your favourite website (retroist.com) soon!


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