Ford Treasury of Station Wagon Living

I enjoyed my family’s station wagon as a kid. For my money their is nothing like stretching out in the way-back after a long day down the shore and falling asleep on the ride home. Until today I had no idea that people were using their station wagons for so much more! Thankfully Knitting Iris found the book, “Ford Treasury of Station Wagon Living” and was kind enough to post full scans. If you thought your life was exciting before – wait till you live life from behind the wheel of a Ford Station Wagon.

Ford Treasury of Station Wagon Living [@] Knitting Iris


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One thought on “Ford Treasury of Station Wagon Living

  1. metagirl says:

    I loved our station wagon’s way-way-back seat too. But like you, Retroist, my family didn’t take the wagon to the next level. I knew it was transportation, but I didn’t realize it was a lifestyle. And the graphics in the “Ford Treasury” are fantastic.

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