C.B. McHaul, the Truck Driving Action Figure (1977)

Disco was not the only inexplicable fad of the late ‘70s. For some reason, Americans became briefly obsessed with truck drivers and truck driving “culture.” Station wagons were outfitted with C.B radios, the Smokey and the Bandit movies were the second-most popular franchise behind Star Wars, and a mostly-spoken song about truck drivers that talked over C.B radios was a #1 hit – “Convoy” by C.W. McCall. This was pretty much an adults-only fad (because duh, Star Wars), so any toy tied in with the fad was doomed to failure. Like this one: Mego Toys’ eight-figure line of truck driver action figures called C.B. McHaul, an obvious ripoff of C.W. McCall. Here’s an ad for the dolls, in which the hired kid actors are clearly faking their enthusiasm.

Brian Boone

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