First Impressions of Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con 2009

pab sungenis

It was crazy disorganized when I arrived. They couldn’t find my pass and needed to wade through a stack of names to find me. After that no one could tell me where to go as a member of the “press”. I was shifted between 4 lines before they finally put me in the VIP line. Once I did get my place, it all went smoothly and I hit the floor.

Not a ton of celebs out yet. Some wrestlers, who I will be checking out tomorrow, Peter Mayhew was in the back and of course Lou Ferigno. I attempted some communication with Lou, but he was not having it. I figure i have 3 more days to break down his resolve and make him my BBBBF. After a quick stop at the Mame machine, I went over to the artists sections and looked up twitter friend, talented guy and fellow New Jerseyian Pab Sungenis (pictured above). Pab is the artist behind the amazing web comic “The New Adventures Of Queen Victoria” and is someone you need to visit if you are attending the show (with that sign, how can you resist).

Pab manned his table while his husband Bryan gave me a much needed education on Comic-Con (It can be daunting). I checked out a few books and eventually would return to buy 3, “Owly”, “Too Cool to be Forgotten” and “Norton Hears A Who And Other Stories”. After that I saw some adorable sketches of Hello Kitty in every conceivable hero costume and saw 1000s of classic toys that I should not buy, but might need to buy by the end of the weekend. Not many cosplayers (just 1 person as Rorschach without the mask – which needed to be explained to me). So one day down and 3 to go. Looking forward to seeing what adventures await.


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