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I seem to be playing a lot of Konami games recently, a quick look down the roster of Konami games and it’s easy to see why. Apart from the odd slip up (Topgun, Castlevania 2, and Goonies 2) Konami make some great games! TMNT – Turtles in time is no exception to this. Released in 1992 in arcades and later ported to many different consoles the port I have been playing is the SNES (1993) and it’s by far my favorite port. Although it lost the voice clips the arcade had (save 3 or 4), it does keep all the fantastic game play and amazing music! Graphics are as good as you can expect from a 16-bit machine and are some of the best Konami had come up with on the SNES.

The premise of the game is: Krang has stolen the statue of liberty (although looking at the manual it says Shredder is controlling a robot, wtf is that about?) And it’s left to our heroes to retrieve it (of course). The game lasts though many levels and I have completed it a few times but when playing for the purposes of this review I only managed to get a few levels in.


Game play is challenging but engaging there are plenty of pickups, a life bar, a handful of lives and, a few continues so it is possible to complete in one sitting. Throughout the game You battle lots of familiar faces (just to name a few) like Baxter Stockman, Beebop and rocksteady (although it says on the screen Rock steady – Damn I’m picky) Who are dressed as pirates, (which is AWESOME!), The Rat King (whose called “the Rat” for some reason – I’ll stop it now)
And of course Shredder and Krang. The Levels are mixed up by the use of time travel, to begin with the Rat King sends you back to 25,000,000 bc (its actually 25,000,000,000 bc – I really cant stop this, don’t you judge me!) and after each boss you (magically) transport to another time. You eventually end up in the Technodrome, in your own time, and save the day.

If you have a copy of this game on any platform then I advise you to play it, even if it’s just for the gnarly (hey it’s a turtles game I gotta have at least one) continue screen with the live action pics of all 4 turtles.

In short it’s a button bashing, side scrolling, highly entertaining beat‘em’up! And I give it 4.5 stars out of 5!

If you don’t have any of the platforms this was incarnated on on the Megadrive (Genesis) as an unlockable of TMNT 3: Mutant nightmare on PS2, Gamecube and X-box. You could wait for TMNT: Turtles in time RE-Shelled with is being released by Ubisoft this year for X-box Live, Playstation Network, and Wiiware as a reworked 3D version. Which is the coolest thing I have heard in a while!! Oh and F.Y.I. what ever you do don’t watch that hideous movie TMNT3. It is an abomination of celluloid and no it wasn’t called Turtles in Time although they did go back in time

Cowabunga!! (Ok two)


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