Zelda as a First Person “Shooter”

zelda 3d

I never really got into Zelda back on the NES. But loved, loved, loved Zelda: Link to the Past. Now if the 8-bit Zelda had been FPS? I think I would have played it more on my NES.

Recreating Zelda as a First Person 3D Adventure [@] Infendo

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2 thoughts on “Zelda as a First Person “Shooter”

  1. Doug says:

    Zelda 1 for the NES was probably, for me, the greatest video game ever made. All future versions of Zelda improved on the formula, but at their core, they’re all essentially the same game. The idea of a second, much harder, quest following the first was sheer brilliance, especially in light of games now that can be completed within one rental period from Blockbuster. It really was ahead of its time.

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