Rick Moranis, Monster Teacher in Galaxy High, But With Monsters


Whatever happened to Rick Moranis? He left to became the first non-monster teacher at Gravedale High. On the short-lived (13 episode) 1990 Saturday morning cartoon Rick Moranis at Gravedale High, Moranis provided the voice of a human teacher named Max Schneider who has to teach teenage versions of classic movie monsters. They include Vinnie Stoker, a vamire greaser, Gill Waterman, the Surfer Dude From the Black Lagoon, the completely inexplicable fat mummy named Cleofatra (voiced by Ricki Lake) and various other mutants, gargoyles, and Frankenstein monsters. Gravedale High was one of the stranger entries in the early ‘90s fad of Saturday morning cartoons based on comedians. There was also Little Rosie (Roseanne), Camp Candy (John Candy), Life With Louie (Louie Anderson), and Bobby’s World (Howie Mandel).

Brian Boone

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2 thoughts on “Rick Moranis, Monster Teacher in Galaxy High, But With Monsters

  1. Some Chick says:

    Only thirteen episodes? And yet it had a fast-food tie-in toy promotion as I recall!

  2. Fenton says:

    I am most amused by Frankentyke, a blatant Bart Simpson ripoff / Frankenstein monster hybrid, who was also a toddler or small child that was attending high school for some reason.

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