steel breeze You Don’t Want Me Anymore

Steel Breeze’s “You Don’t Want Me Anymore”: The Original Literal Video

The only places I ever saw music videos in the early ‘80s were Betamax tapes my brother made of Friday Night Videos. (We couldn’t afford cable – after all, we’d just dropped $1,000 on a Betamax.) Here’s the video for Steel Breeze’s “You Don’t Want Me Anymore” (1982). Shot on video for a budget of what looks like about $90, it may be the most “eighties” video of the ‘80s: band members in costume, a performance on a stage in an empty arena, wacky reversed film techniques, and best of all, literal interpretations of the music (long before the ironic Internet meme). Look out for knocking at a door on “knocking at your door” (0:42), “you don’t want me anymore,” in which the girl throws down a bouquet of flowers in anger (0:53), and best of all, on “I remember baby, on the day you left,” we get a dream sequence in which a couple fights and the girl storms out (1:09).

Whatever happened to Steel Breeze? I heard they’re a wedding band now.

Brian Boone

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