Epcot’s Horizons’ Security Cameras Still Operational

horizons security camera

My favorite Epcot ride, Horizons, closed many years ago, but due to a strange quirk in the space time continuum, the security cameras that monitored the attraction are still functioning. And for some reason, those camera are now available online. On a site not run by Disney.


UPDATE: Sadly this site has been taken down, but a video that was used in one of the loops is still functional and up on YouTube, so I have embedded it below:


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6 thoughts on “Epcot’s Horizons’ Security Cameras Still Operational

  1. Shane says:

    Heya! I’m the creator of the site and 1) I’m having trouble accessing it and 2) I just also got some kind of trojan warning when trying to connect. I assure you this was not my doing!!! I’m going to try and move it over the weekend to a new server so that people can enjoy it without fearing for their computer’s safety. Thank you for posting the link and so sorry about any weirdness!

  2. Shane says:

    Site seems to be back online for now — and trojanless. My apologies again to all. Will have it auto-redirect to the new server once it’s ready. My hunch is that the trojan was a false-warning somehow connected to the ads that the host (a free one) has recently added to all the pages on the site.

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