Disneyland’s Skull Rock

When I was a kid I got a book about Disneyland for my birthday and one of the images was of Skull Rock in Fantasyland at night. I am a sucker for underwater lighting so I was very much taken with it and I swore that one day I would eat at the restaurant behind Skull Rock. Sadly in 1983 when the new Disneyland opened Skull Rock was eliminated and I was still 15 years away from my first trip to California. So I will continue to stare at the pictures I have of the ride and will just have to make do with the dream of eating behind a pirate waterfall.

Perhaps you would like to join me.

disneyland skull rock


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2 thoughts on “Disneyland’s Skull Rock

  1. Is that a pool of lime Kool-Aid or toxic waster? Either way I am pretty sure Skeletor is not happy that someone left the water on in the bathroom and flooded the place out again.

  2. I only know one person that ate at it. I thought it was sad too when they closed it. The image of it alone lit up at night was awesome.

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