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The internet has made film watching and discovery a joy. Where else but on the web would I have had a chance to discover the documentary, Wildwood, NJ? A film that was released before the web was in full effect and that for some how evaded by vision for 15 years. The movie, which was finished in 1994, but was never officially “released”, is a camera on the boardwalk look at the people, but mostly women who were at the Wildwood, NJ Boardwalk in 1992.

The film is unapologetic and honest look at the women who I grew up with and you get to see some of them at their most candid moments. I know many will attempt to enjoy this on an ironic level, but just stop and listen for a second and you will start to see the patterns of these young people’s lives and you just may be moved.

Here are some scenes from the film:

The movie will not be easy to find at your local video store, but you can order it from the filmmaker at Ruthless Films. I suggested it to NetFlix as something they should carry and I suggest you do the same.


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