DEVO’s “Beautiful World”


New Traditionalists is a standout album for all DEVO fans and one my favorite tracks on the album is the cynically ironic “Beautiful World”. The song which was most famously sung by Gerald Casale has a famous video that shows a optimistic world view that quickly degenerates and according to Casale, “That’s a song that was written with the video in mind. The video idea preceded the song. We start off with silly imagery taken from archival film libraries of just stupid stuff – Americana pop culture stuff from the past and silly imagery of silly people, then slowly start warping it over darker and darker things – Ku Klux Klan race riots, war, suffering, atomic bomb, starvation. It transforms from one thing to another.” And boy does it get dark

Maybe you would like to see the same video, but with updated images of hate and misery? Or perhaps you would prefer a performance of it by Booji Boy in 1982 or perhaps one recorded in 2008 in Paris. I myself enjoy the demo version of the song on Recombo DNA Disc 2.

Its a beautiful world
For you
Not me


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