Spudboys – Planet Earth’s Premier DEVO Research and Emulation Band


As a big fan of all things DEVO, I thought it would be important to draw your attention to Planet Earth’s Premier DEVO Research and Emulation Band, The Spudboys. Here is the story of the Boys, in their own words:

In short, the Spudboys are five guys who happen to be musicians that are separated by geography, disparate in age group, yet united in their respect and admiration for Devo. Now, of course there’s much more to the story than that, so here is the longer version which is decidedly devoid of plastic reality:

The story of the Spudboys is related to the creation of the DEVOtionals, which is also related the formation of Spud Talk…

On the heels of the DEVO performances at the Lollapalooza festivals in 1997, the seed was planted in Scott Orsi to help further the de-evolutionary cause by bringing likeminded Devo fans together in an Internet group with a sense of purpose. A community where Spuds could converse and congregate, without the SPAM and otherwise impersonal bantering of a newsgroup. Thus, Spud Talk was born on April 21, 1999. Now this was a good first step, but where to go from there?

Intrigued? Find more info and Live Music Tracks at their Official Website and MySpace Page.


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