G.I. Joe Action Figures by Mail

This ad has 3 of my favorite G.I. Joe toys. Major Bludd, The Cobra H.I.S.S and of course The Fridge! Geez, The Fridge looks so silly now, with his white boots, sleeveless football jersey and football-shaped combat mace, but I was all over The Fridge figure back in the 80s and needed to get this figure. I think he is still buried in my mother’s yard.

Oh and 4 bucks for a H.I.S.S sounds like a heck of a bargain.

gi joe figures by mail

I know Cobra is an evil organization, but I would love to work for them coming up with acronyms for their weapons and vehicles (yes I am aware they are not real).


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4 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Action Figures by Mail

  1. I remember something similar to this, but it let you “create your own” GI Joe, where you pretty much made up your own character. I wanted to do that pretty bad but never did.

  2. I wish Hasbro still honored ad and inserts like this. Can you imagine how quickly they’d all disappear?

  3. Doug says:

    Speaking of Cobra’s acronyms, in my most recent job search, I found a car detailing/repair franchise called MARS, and after only seeing the company’s name, I thought, “Hell yeah, I’ll work for DESTRO!!!” :D

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