Crunching Rocky III USB Drive is the Best/Only Rocky III Licensed Product on the Market

Crunching Rocky III Package

Do you love Rocky III? I mean do you really love Rocky III? Do you have 30 bucks burning a hole in your pocket? If you do, you can order your very own Rocky USB drives that looks like Rocky/Apollo/Mr. T is doing crunches. I cannot tell from the site what the action on the drive is. I cannot tell if they are doing the crunches when you plug it in or if its just the action of inserting the drive that makes it look like Rocky is doing a crunch. Either way it is an awesome looking piece of tech that is a must-have for fans of uplifting improbable boxing movies. Remember, your drive can do crunches, so you don’t have to…

Crunching Rocky III

Buy the USB Crunching Rocky III [@] GeekStuff4U


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