N64 Flash Cart Finally on the Horizon

N64 Flash cart

After what seems like years of development Myth has finally made a breakthrough and announced the first specs for the N64 flash cart. The cart will be made available soon, but will require modification of you N64, which I think will be a hassle, but a worthwhile one. Just check out these specs:

  • support the rom up to 512M
  • support all save type except the flash save,we are working with it still,should ready soon
  • support over 99% games
  • download games from USB to NEO2 cart directly
  • upload/overwrite game save to PC via USB directly
  • can use on any N64 console, just need insert any one N64 cart for boot

Find out more about the N64 Flash cart. If SNES is your thing, they also announced a cart for that system.


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