N64 Flash Cart Finally on the Horizon

N64 Flash cart

After what seems like years of development Myth has finally made a breakthrough and announced the first specs for the N64 flash cart. The cart will be made available soon, but will require modification of you N64, which I think will be a hassle, but a worthwhile one. Just check out these specs:

  • support the rom up to 512M
  • support all save type except the flash save,we are working with it still,should ready soon
  • support over 99% games
  • download games from USB to NEO2 cart directly
  • upload/overwrite game save to PC via USB directly
  • can use on any N64 console, just need insert any one N64 cart for boot

Find out more about the N64 Flash cart. If SNES is your thing, they also announced a cart for that system.


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4 thoughts on “N64 Flash Cart Finally on the Horizon

  1. Nobody Knows I'm not a Dog says:

    Back in the day, I had a RAM cart for the N64. It used a parallel cable to the computer to load and used 1 real cart plugged in to trick the lockout chip.

    I got it and toys like the GameBoy flash cart from:


    Which is unfortunately out of biz.

    Gave both setups to a single mom for her son’s birthday & xmas since she couldn’t afford anything. But don’t tell anyone, it’ll ruin my rep.

    I still got my Double Pro Fighter 2 in 1 that does SNES & Genesis from floppy – soldered the extra RAM on myself – can’t give that one away!

  2. You guys do know they have had these for years right? Just know once they come out they will go quickly just like 10 years ago. So if they have a reserve option do it when you can.
    I still think the best one was z64 but several of them did have a 256 mb cart and a 512 mb cart.

  3. arthur071169 says:

    If you had this working with removeable SD cart storage… I would snap one up in a hearbeat!
    Stunning bit of tech, but antiquated cart, and clunky software to transfer files…


  4. bostanarchist says:

    i dont get why this thing is so dam expensive ,i think you could have gor doctor 64 by bung brand new back in the day for cheaper than this thing and it does the same thing and it has a cd rom to load games from the cd and dumps to pc via a paralel port ,sure you would need a usb to paralel adapter now,but i bet you find one of those much cheaper ,anyone rember the mr.backup for 64? it used iomega zip discs,lol
    where would you even find those now a days ,i remember wanting the bung doctor 64,since i had a top of the like bung backup unit for my snes,with 32mb and it had 4 slots of memory and the fx chips to backup all the newer games like the ones by rareware like dk country ,but i held out on getting ot cause there was something like this that was supposed to come out and be much cheaper than the doctor 64 ,i cant remember the name of it , i want to say the pegasis or something like that ,but it never came out ,i dont think it did anyway , maybe that wasnt the name ,but it was supposed to be like 50$ ,$200 is just nuts for this thing , i can get a wode for 90$
    even the ps3 jb dongle wasnt that much when it 1st came out

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