The Atari 2600 iPod Dock

atari ipod dock

If you have a broken Atari 2600, an ipod docking station and some free desk space you to could make a nifty Atari 2600 docking station for your iPod. This one was built by Byron Casebier, who did who hopes it will act as a proof of concept that inspires others to improve upon his build.

Here is my weak (and slightly unfinished) Atari iPod Dock. I thought sharing may create interest for someone that can do this better. As far as specs, I gutted a broken, iPod clock radio and put it all inside the Atari. Everything works except for the clock (it was the broken part). There is even a remote control so I can sit back on my vinyl couch, drink some Tang and control my tunes…And yes, I’m still rocking a 3rd gen iPod.

[via] Gizmodo


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