Walt Disney Animation Collection Volume 2 – Three Little Pigs

three little pigs

Volume 2 of the Walt Disney Animation Collection features animals are under threat from other animals, several of them are from the highly regarded, but often under-viewed Silly Symphonies. The DVD includes:

Three Little Pigs – The title 1933 Silly Symphony animated short is the classic story of the “Three Little Pigs”. The pigs are menaced by the wolf and move from house to house. Will they survive? Nobody knows.

The Big Bad Wolf – In this 1934 Silly Symphony animated short the three little pigs are back in a story that involves Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wold. Can the pigs defeat their nemesis and save Little Red Riding Hood?

Three Little Wolves – This 1936 Silly Symphony has the pigs and the wolf going at it again. This time, the Big Bad Wolf is instructing his three kids in the delicate art of pig capturing.

Lambert the Sheepish Lion – Not sure why, but they showed this 1952 animated short about a lion who grows up thinking he is a lamb ever year in my elementary school. I still know the Lambert song by heart.

Chicken Little – In this 1943 short, Foxy Loxy wants a chicken dinner and uses misinformation to get what he wants. Sly fox.

Three Blind Mouseketeers – This 1936 has 3 blind mouse fighting a clever cat.

Elmer Elephant – Another 1936 Silly Symphony, this one is about an elephant who is made fun of for his trunk, but when a fire breaks out, who can save everyone?

The disc has Dolby Digital Surround Sound, a 1.33:1 aspect ratio and English, French and Spanish subtitles. It is a mere $14.99, so order yours today.

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