Play Raistlin’s Game!


This ad was all over the place in the early 90s and late 80s. I never got to play Magestones, but as a DragonLance fan I was always interested in doing so. I always pictured it looking like a cross between the pylon controls in Land of the Lost and the chessboard in Star Trek. Actually it looks more like someone is playing bingo with Sucrets.



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4 thoughts on “Play Raistlin’s Game!

  1. Doug says:

    Play Raistlin’s game, but DO NOT see his animated movie! They made a direct to DVD movie of Dragons of Autumn Twilight and it is AWFUL! Just really a big disappointment and it does not do service to what is a great trilogy.

    Dragonlance was my gateway drug into fantasy and the characters have always held a special place in my heart. I will say, though, that the latest novels that Weis and Hickman have done to “fill in the gaps” in Chronicles are not that good (in truth, I couldn’t get through the first one, the writing is that poor), but the two of them really captured lightning in a bottle with Chronicles and Legends and even the War of the Souls trilogy from the early 2000’s was great too. Good stuff.

  2. Ugly American says:

    The animated movie was weak but that’s what we all expected anyway.

    The original books by the original authors are great. The original hardcover AD&D book to go with them is cool too. Later material by other authors is shovelware. The later TSR owners forced any old material into the Dragonlance setting to sell it.

    Boardgame Geek has a entry for this game which I never played

    And for the Dragonlance game that I did & have. It’s very slow.

  3. ShadeyLane says:

    Someone needs to tell Sam Raimi to create a good DL series/movie. I’d pay well over the asking price to see his work with DL.

    The pieces in this game make me think of Mancala.

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