Barbie Townhouse 25th Anniversary Edition

barbie townhouse

Okay, here’s one especially for the retro-girls out there…and the more open-minded retro-boys. Do you all remember the Barbie Townhouse? I don’t mean the Dream House — which I got to play with at my friend Ana’s house, but never got to own myself — I mean the Townhouse. The 3-story, 3-feet high swanky pad with stylish ’70s interior (plastered on the back wall) was one of my favorite toys of all time.

I’m working on a in-depth retrospective on the Townhouse, for release later this month, but I thought I should alert everyone to the 25th anniversary update of the 1974 Barbie Townhouse that comes out on July 1st. As with the original, the new version includes 3-stories and the awesomely fabulous elevator, which I assume is still pull-string operated.

Unlike the 1974 edition, the new Townhouse includes lights and sounds on every level. As Barbie enters her home through the front door, she’s greeted by the warm and inviting light-up chandelier, dining area, and fully stocked kitchen. Ken will be wowed by the roaring fireplace (complete with crackling sound effects) and pop-up flat screen TV in the 2nd floor living room. After relaxing in the outdoor hot tub, complete with mood-setting tiki lights, perhaps Ken will get to see Barbie’s demure canopy bed…you see, the outdoor hot tub area connects directly to the 3rd floor bedroom suite, or should I say sweeeeet.

In my day the elevator was the best feature — and probably still is — but kids today, who require more active stimulation, will be entertained for hours with all of the bells and whistles of the new Barbie Townhouse. Actually, I can’t wait to play with it myself! My only complaint: Too much pink.

No Barbie collection is complete without this dynamic abode. Be sure to
order yours via Amazon today!


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