The Top 6 GoBots Commercials


We will most likely never see a GoBots high budget motion picture, despite the best efforts of those trying to build buzz around the idea. The GoBots have always been considered the low-rent cousins of the Transformers and always will be, despite how much I would like them not to be. With the new Transformers movie on the horizon, I thought it would be a good opportunity to post my 6 favorite GoBot commercials. Enjoy.


Put them together to form a bigger robot? Now where had I seen that idea before?

Get Creepy Free

Never got Creepy, but he is actually a pretty cool looking villain.

Super GoBots

When at first you don’t succeed, make your robots bigger.

Introducing Tux and Zero

You see he is named Tux because he is a classy Rolls-Royce. I am not sure how useful a luxury car is in a robotic battle for world domination, but he sure was a smooooooth ride.

GoBots Command Center

In the 1980s, as your toy line went forward you had to get bigger. The Command Center was a great example of one of those big toys. Not the best toy but it kind of looked like a very stiff legged At-At, which is cool.

The Epic Super GoBots Invade your Home Commercial

With it’s E.T vibe, this is by far my favorite GoBots’ commercial


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