G.I. Joe Bridge Layer Commercial


The Bridge Layer was so specialized/unusual that it wasn’t till a year after it came out and it was on sale that it finally entered my collection. It was an interesting toy that was a lot of fun if you had a yard filled with artificial buttes and mesas. Which of course every suburban New Jersey child did. The commercial also introduces Barbecue and Shipwreck. BBQ was a pretty cool addition to the Joes. Since he was completely covered, we gave him a sword and pretended he was another ninja. Shipwreck? Well he watched the based while the other Joes did their missions.


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2 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Bridge Layer Commercial

  1. Confused 80's Girl says:

    Something that has always bothered me about G.I. Joe: Why in the WORLD would you call your resident sailing expert “Shipwreck”?

    Also, it absolutely sounds like they’re saying, “And COBRA’s got the f***ing bag from G.I. Joe!”

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