Phun is 2D Physics Fun


Do you like Physics? If you answered yes or no then Phun might be the toy for you. Phun is a 2D Physics sandbox that will entertain and teach. I have been playing with it on and off for the last few months and it always makes me smiles and gets my brain moving.

Check it out in Action:

Phun is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and is free. So drop by Phunland and check it out.


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One thought on “Phun is 2D Physics Fun

  1. Dave says:

    Dave, This is a very cool program.Patrick and I can’t stop messing around with this.
    It takes a little time to get the controls right but when you do its great.
    It also teaches some good lessons on Physics. Download it and give it a try.They show Jake. Hes like Patrick so I know he will like it.
    Let me know what you think.
    Take care,

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