DEVO – Watch Us Work It


You might be familiar with the Dell Commercial that uses the exact same footage as this video, but this is a more complete music video style version of the song. I would think “Watch Us Work It” will be on the new album, but only time will tell.

Need Lyrics?

Drums! Rock steady!
Bass: Keep it tight!
Lead. Do it now!

(Hey) I thought I heard somebody say
“That dog ain’t goin’ home
Until he gets his bone”

(Hey) they said that way he’d be OK
So when he’s home alone
He’d bark “ain’t nothin’ wrong!”

Now, watch us work it
Work it out
Watch us work it
Work it inside out

Baby we can work it out
Let’s put it back together

(Hey) my baby said to me
“I feel so DEVO”
I don’t know what to do

(Hey) It’s OK because she’s free
“How low can you go?”
That’s really up to you

Watch us work it
Work it out
Watch us work it
Work it inside out


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