Jazz Drummer Gene Krupa is a Ball to Watch


I thought I would go a little more retro today and turn the spotlight on the great jazz drummer, Gene Krupa. Gene was really great. Maybe not the WORLD’S greatest, but certainly one of the most fun to watch:

I am a big fan of 40’s and 50’s pop culture and if everyone enjoys it as much as I do, I would be willing to insert more of it here on the site.


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8 thoughts on “Jazz Drummer Gene Krupa is a Ball to Watch

  1. Newzoo says:

    Had he been born a little later, I’m sure he would’ve played drums for the Who.

  2. Vern says:

    Gene Krupa was most definitely the Most Famous Drummer of all Time. Once again Repeat Gene Krupa was the Most FAMOUS drummer of all time. But Buddy Rich was the Greatest Drummer of all time. Gene openly admitted many many times. Buddy Rich was the Greatest Drummer to Draw Breath. So dont even attempt to say that Gene Krupa was the Greatest Drummer. Buddy Rich holds that title. Buddy Rich was the Greatest Drummer ever. Period.

  3. Walter says:

    Once again the age old question who was the better drummer Gene Krupa or Buddy Rich? To sum this up I would say if you judge drumming on personality charisma and over all fan love I would say Gene Krupa would be the Choice. Gene Krupa did so much for drumming and for making Slingerland Drum Company a household name. Gene will forever and ever be the one man who made Drums Popular and might I add made everyone red blooded American Kid stand up and pay attention to Drumming and Drum Solos. Thats Gene Krupa in a nutshell. Now wait a minute wait one minute hold the horses? Buddy Rich wow man you dont get any better than Buddy Rich. First time I saw him play drums I got scared as much as I loved and adored Gene I could not belive what I saw and heard when I seen Buddy Rich get behind a set of drums??? Words can not describe Buddy Rich? there are not enough adjectives and words of praise in the dictionary to give you what Buddy Rich is??? Never never never never have I seen a man own the whole complete world of drumming like Buddy Rich? Clean precision Drumming Buddy Rich is your man. Speed and fast hands lightning fast hands and one bass drum that sounds like a zillion bass drums. Buddy Rich he is your man. The most incredible exciting drumming ever. Buddy Rich. If you could put on a buddy rich record or compact disc or watch a Buddy Rich Video you could witness what every music school or learning center for percussion could not teach you? Buddy Rich. Quite simple to break it down again?? Gene Krupa. Class Drummer who brought drums to the fore front. Jazz without Gene? never happen. Buddy said that. The world had to have Gene Krupa he was our patron Saint. Buddy Rich?????? A visitor from another planet. You can not copy Buddy Rich. The clones that try it fall flat. Buddy was in a class all his own. No one could ever ever ever Duplicate Buddy Rich. Buddy Rich the God of Drumming. none better yesterday today or tomorrow Buddy Rich.

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