Pepsi Throwback Hits Store Shelves and my Belly

Can of Pepsi Throwback
Can of Pepsi Throwback

April 20th came and went and my quest to find Pepsi Throwback at local supermarkets failed. So this weekend I got in the car and put some mileage down, looking for the new sugar sweetened cereal from Pepsi. I went to 6 different “super” chains before I finally landed some of the precious blue and their wasn’t much left when I got there. The shelves were filled with regular pepsi – 100s of 12-packs, but nestled within the 100s were 2 12-packs of Throwback. I grabbed both for about 3 bucks each and ran to the car to get them home and into the fridge.

Of course I was impatient and they spent about 20 minutes in the freezer to get them to my perfect temperature. I poured one into my favorite wide mouthed EPCOT glasses (I planned on drinking fast and wanted to enjoy the smell).

Now I would like to go on record as saying that I am a Coke drinker. I NEVER buy Pepsi, but this Throwback is very good. It has that same sweetness that I am used to in Pepsi, but using sugar has enhanced the crispness of the beverage, and taken away all of the nasty aftertaste I have become accustomed to. It is a triumph of cola chemistry and makes me sad that it will only be on shelves for a short time. If this is what Pepsi tasted like 365 days a year, they would give Coca-Cola a run for my money (unless they smarten up and do the same thing).

If a 2 liter of High Fructose Corn Syrup Pepsi costs about $1.50, I would be willing to pay $2 or more for the real sugar version. Who is with me?

Pepsi Throwback is only available from April 20th to June 13th, but if it goes over with everyone else as well as it has with me, I expect their will be shortages. So stock up – I know I will.


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