M&Ms live in a World very Similar to the one in “Logan’s Run”?

These ads seem to be related to the Computer Genius Ad campaign that M&M ran. I know it must be horrible to be an M&M, knowing that at one point you will be mindlessly eaten by the handful by uncaring giants. But they do seem to have fun right up till the final horrible moment.

Check out the ads, it looks like the little guys are cramming more into their short lives than I have done with mine.





It seems to me that the M&M world is a lot like the one in “Logan’s Run”. I am feeling a little hungry, so my advice to the chocolate treats in my cabinet? Run little Ms! Run!


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3 thoughts on “M&Ms live in a World very Similar to the one in “Logan’s Run”?

  1. No era in particular darling. Just keep posting what you like. Each one have to find his niche in this great blogosphere. I was just mislead by the blogger name and thought it was something more like old Hollywood. But I do love as it is. keep up the great work!

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