Magnavox Odyssey 2 Ad from 1980

This ad is a great example of early 1980s geeky father/daughter bonding. I hope it is father/daughter. Otherwise that guy’s smile went from gleeful to creepy.

Thanks to HFK for pointing out this that the Odyssey 2 is not an “all in one” like I had remembered. Love when I am taught new things. Thanks again HFK.



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3 thoughts on “Magnavox Odyssey 2 Ad from 1980

  1. HFK says:

    The odyssey2 was a cart based system and it did not have 30 built in games or any built in for that matter. The ’30 games’ in the ad refers to the number of carts available at the time of the ad.

  2. Newzoo says:

    I still have my original Odyssey 2, along with probably a dozen cartridges. I believe the original Odyssey system from a few years earlier did come with built-in games.

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