Criterion Style Box Art for Video Games


Yesterdays post about “Crazy Climber” got me thinking about modern video game box art. So I started looking for good modern examples of game art to match the evocative style of early Atari and found this huge collection of Criterion Style Video Game Box Art. They aren’t all winners, but I think you will agree many of them are much nicer than the original game box art.

Criterion Style Box Art for Video Games


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One thought on “Criterion Style Box Art for Video Games

  1. I just saw the covers, and now that I have, I want to get the games even more (I’ll have to really save up and buy the system, too). I must also admit, they are better than the covers the games come with, and if it were possible, I’d also print out the covers, and replace the standard ones with these (although if I sell them…well…) At least I’ll still have the covers.

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