Crazy Climber, the “Mirror’s Edge” of the 8-bit era?


Love the perspective on this “Crazy Climber” Atari ad. It almost makes you think you are going to play an 8-bit “Mirror’s Edge”. Totally fooled me into buying this as a kid. How could anyone resist it? The flier for the arcade version makes it look like it will be “Die-Hard” meets “Towering Inferno” on steroids.


So what did the game actually look like?

Crazy Climber Arcade Version
Crazy Climber Arcade Version

…and you are going to love this one.

Crazy Climber for the Atari 2600
Crazy Climber for the Atari 2600

OK, so it is not exactly the 3D vomit fest that “Mirror’s Edge” is, but you have to admire the advertising people and their strategy. I did not when I bought piece of junk, but when I see it in my collection and look at these ads, I cannot help but smile at my naivete.


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