Rock the Muppets on Your Very Own Casio Keyboard

I always wanted a Casio keyboard when I was a kid, but my lack of musical talent was so obvious to everyone of gift-giving age that I never received one.



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3 thoughts on “Rock the Muppets on Your Very Own Casio Keyboard

  1. J says:

    Holy crap! I think I had one… or maybe a daycare I went to had one… the cobwebs in the corner of my brain are itching.

  2. Interesting…he’s playing the Baby Kermit one but the older Muppets are are dancing. He should be playing the yellow one. Anyway…
    I like the blue one, never had a keyboard though. Did get a recorder-flute thing though

  3. rachel says:

    this was my favorite toy as a kid! learned all my scales on it for band…
    anyone know where i can get one?

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