Escape to Witch Mountain and Return to Witch Mountain Released on DVD


In what seems like a tie-in with the release of “Race to Witch Mountain”, Disney has released its 1970s family classics “Escape to Witch Mountain” and “Return to Witch Mountain”. The films revolve around two psychic powered orphans Tia and Tony, who in both movies are manipulated and used by adults while trying to discover more about their origins. I enjoy both movies equally, but for different reasons. “Escape” is earnest and honest is an endearing way, while “Return” is wonderfully over the top with some really enjoyable emoting from both Bettie Davis and Christopher Lee.

Picture and Sounds
The picture and audio are pretty good on each of the DVD’s. Both are featured in widescreen 1:75:1 and enhanced for 16×9 televisions. Now I am not sure what it is about these movies, but they both look very vibrant compared to other 70s Disney movies I have been watching lately. Maybe it is all of the outdoor on location shooting, but it looks great. “Escape”, with its Northern California locations, looks especially good. Of course, I could just be nostalgic for the Bay Area.

The audio on both is Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. “Escape” has a bonus French language track, while “Return” has both a Spanish and French audio track.

The extras are fairly robust for a “Disney Family Classic”.

Escape to Witch Mountain Extras

  • Disney Effects Documentary
  • 1975 Disney Studio Photo Album
  • Pop-Up Fun Facts
  • Conversations with Director John Hough
  • Disney Sci-Fi
  • Making the Escape Featurette
  • “Pluto’s Dream House”
  • Audio Commentary
  • Return to Witch Mountain Extras

  • Spanish Television Interview with Christopher Lee
  • 1978 Disney Studio Photo Album
  • Pop-Up Fun Facts
  • A Gang Reunion Featurette
  • Making the Return Trip Featurette
  • Disney Short “The Eyes Have It”
  • Audio Commentary
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    If you were curious, what the “Witch Mountain” kids look like today here is Kim Richards on Real Housewives.

    Here is Ike Eisenmann talking about the horror classic “Devil Dog” and Kim Richards


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