Donkey Kong Jr. Shower Makes Dreams Come True


I have often thought about what my dream shower/bathtub would look like. When I was younger, I always wanted something that involved slides, pirate grottoes and cold water whirlpools. Now I would just like something attractive that cleans up easily (those monkey butlers never materialized). I think I finally found my new dream shower, The Donkey Kong Jr. Shower. MissVynilos’ amazing shower/work of art is both functional and beautiful and should be an inspiration to all pixel art enthusiasts.

See more pics of the Donkey Kong Jr. Shower


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One thought on “Donkey Kong Jr. Shower Makes Dreams Come True

  1. Jack Jamestown says:

    That is awesome! I used to love playing the Atari and Nintendo. I seem to have gone the other way with my bathroom. I got this Steam Shower and it is quite a bit of fun. The whirlpool tub and water jets make for a water park like experience every morning and night.

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