Nullsoft Beep helps make your PC Sound Retro


Are you tired of the quiet tedium of the modern computer? Wish you could get a taste of noisy computer chaos that the movies and TV shows of yesteryear promised us. Well lucky for you Nullsoft (those guys who made winamp) made an interesting application a few years ago that makes computer retro computer noises whenever your CPU is in use. Besides sounding cool and being free, it also make for an interesting feedback system for application CPU load.

The software is PC only, but works on systems running 95 all the way through to Vista. I will try it on Windows 7 tonight.

Download Nullsoft Beep

PS. This will drive you nuts after about 10 minutes, but it is so worth it.


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2 thoughts on “Nullsoft Beep helps make your PC Sound Retro

  1. Erik says:

    Hey, I cant find a download link for Beep anywhere on the web. Any chance you could send the file to me?

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