Want to Own the Zeldamobile?


This beauty showed up on craigslist the other day. If you cannot tell from the above photo, the car has been painted with the maps from the original “Legend of Zelda”. You can see more detailed pics after the jump. So, if you got 500 bucks and live near Corvallis, OR, you can show the world who’s the world’s biggest Zelda fan.

Here is the details on the car itself.

The car is in good general condition, engine runs well and has low mileage (110k miles). I am selling her because we bought a new Prius and just haven’t needed her since then. I bought her from a friend of the family in 2001 who bought her new in 1978. When I bought her I re-ran the brake cables that had rusted through from a decade of not being driven and did general tune-ups, though the engine ran smoothly from the first try.

Tires and shocks have been purchased new in the last 5000 miles and comes spare headlight in the trunk. Also comes with all the extra paint from the original paint job (spar enamel, various colors). Car runs extremely smooth, as it is an inline 6 (perfect primary and secondary balance). Great car with some TLC!

If you want to fix up the paint job I will supply the paint and information on how I did it in the first place. Advice I wish I’d known then: use a clear coat (I didn’t and the paint is peeling now).

Call Kathy at 503-312-1024 if you are interested or want to learn more. Car is currently located in Corvallis.

Known issues:
– Power steering fluid has a slow leak and must be topped off every couple of months.
– Dome light has short somewhere; we pulled the fuse to the dome light so that it does not drain the battery
– Connections to turn signals can be intermittent, common for Fords of this year. Been rewired twice.
– Doesn’t have power brakes, but she was made that way and can’t really help it
– Hasn’t been driven for several months so needed a jump to get going last week
– Alternator light is always on- if there is a problem with the alternator you can tell by the way the turn signal blinking slows down- I replaced the alternator 2.5 years ago

Car specs:
1978 Ford Fairmont
200 CID Thriftmaster Six I6, 3.3L
Comes with CD player with stereo input


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