Vintage Logos from “World of Logotypes”


Do you need some design inspiration or just really like relics of the advertising past? I have bought a few books full of retro logos and advertising over the years, but no more! Just a key stroke and a click of the mouse and by the power of the internet even the most obscure adverts appear on your screen. A few years ago I picked up a book called “World of Logotypes” by Al Cooper. Sadly it is now out of print and can only be found on Amazon for around $96.

But do not fret my moneyless chums, the internet provides. You can enjoy “World of Logotypes” from several scanned sources on the internet. The easiest is probably this Vintage Logos Photoset on Flickr.

Of course if you got the bread and would like to own a vintage copy of a great book. Pick one up on Amazon.

World of Logotypes: Trademark Encyclopedia (World of Logotypes) via Amazon


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